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Monday, March 26, 2012

"Hungry For Change" and Extension of Heart Healthy Cookbook Giveaway

I just finished viewing the Hungry For Change movie.  You can still view it on-line for free through 31 March.

I have to say I am extremely pleased with it, although of course there are a few things I wish were different.  The film features some people that I respect so very much and really feel that I have come to know.  Kris Carr (Crazy, Sexy Cancer), Dr. Christianne Northrup, Joe Cross (Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead), and some faces/names that are new to me that I'll be looking into more.

Dr. Alejandro Juger, author of "Clean", is a face and name I am familiar with and his book is on my 'list'; he makes an impressive presence on the screen in this video.  Also featured are Evita Ramparte, Daniel Vitalis, Mike Adams, David Wolfe and Jason Vale among others.  But the person who slam-dunked this video for me had to be a guy by the name of Jon Gabriel (The Gabriel Method).  When you see the before and after pictures of this guy, well, it is just stunning.  He is the absolute poster-boy for health, but what a journey he had to get there.

The film shines an educational light on the whys and wherefores of industrialized society's problem with weight and, like Dr. Juger points out in the opening....the problems associated with the fact that we are not eating food anymore, but are consuming 'food-like' products that are adorned to make them look good and attractive to us (and, predominately, to make a ton of money for the manufacturer).

It's a fascinating one and a half hour journey into the current westernized human condition and I heartily recommend it.  I do take exception to the inclusion of salmon as a suggested source for healthy fat, although the toxins in fish are mentioned in the film as well as plant-based alternative sources. I also criticize Jamie Oliver's statement that milk is ok, but it is hard to think anything but loving thoughts when it comes to Jamie Oliver.  He has single-handedly taken on our outrageous food system in schools and I admire and respect him immensely.  Also mentioned is the continuing myth of the health of olive oil, however this is stated in conjunction with consuming whole olives, so, again, I'll try not to pick it apart. :-)

I think everyone would gain quite a bit of insight from watching this film.  For me, it is inspirational and will help me ramp up my diet, adding in parsley and cilantro for their purifying qualities as well as the incorporation of chia and gel-like foods. 

It is so exciting to see these films coming out and public awareness increasing.  I think more and more people are beginning to understand that something is fundamentally wrong with our lifestyle and particularly our food system.  Like the message of the film:  we simply are not feeding ourselves foods we are biologically adapted to!  I hope you invest the 90 minutes to view it.....time well spent.
Heart Healthy Pizza Giveaway (by Mark Sutton)

I am extending our contest another week and will hold the drawing this coming Saturday.
Thank you for your entries so far and good luck!

Sue, definitely hungry for change, in Ohio

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